October 29, 2018

First of all, one last moment of recognition for Edith Head’s birthday. The better known half of our detective duo was born on October 28, 1897. (Although she was known to shave a year or two off her age—but then who among us doesn’t?) We toasted the occasion last night, and celebrated all day on our Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter feeds.

And on the heels of Edith’s birthday, some long-in-the-works book news! We are thrilled to announce that Lillian and Edith have a brand new home! The next two Renee Patrick books will be published by Severn House.

We'll be honest: the series was in limbo for a while. We spent 2017 promoting Dangerous to Know with smiles on our faces but sadness in our hearts, thinking that Renee had written her last. But thanks to our tireless agent Lisa (and with help from our friends Nancy Pearl, Eddie Muller and everyone at TCM), Lillian and Edith are joining the Severn House family. We met our wonderful new editor Kate and many of our fellow SH authors at Bouchercon recently, and we’re so happy that the ladies will return for more adventures in Golden Age Hollywood. 1939 here we come!

Now if you’ll excuse us, it’s back to work on Script for Scandal.

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