June 22, 2017

Just popping up with a quick recap of some recent fun appearances.

If you’ve read the Renee Patrick backstory, you know how important the Film Noir Foundation is to the creation of the Lillian & Edith novels. The FNF now has a podcast devoted to its efforts, Noir Talk, hosted by Haggai Elitzur, and we’re thrilled to be the guests on the latest episode. We cover a range of FNF-related topics—how issues of Noir City magazine are assembled, the films that have screened (and that we’ve introduced) at this year’s festivals—before turning to Edith Head and the books. If you’ve ever wondered what the plots to some of the make-believe movies in the series are, Haggai teases the answer out of us. You can listen at several venues, like this one.

We’re also interviewed at Writers Who Kill this week, with Grace Topping asking some sharp questions about the process of writing while married. Swing by and find out our secrets for staying together while cranking out pages.

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