April 19, 2016

Why not join Edith, Mel Ferrer and Audrey Hepburn in blowing out that candle? Because today, April 19, 2016, is Design for Dying’s birthday!

We’re overjoyed that the book we worked so hard on is finally out in the world, and we can’t wait for you to meet Lillian Frost and our version of Edith, along with every other famous face who turns up for an appearance.

Who knew launch days were so complicated? So much to keep track of!

We’ve got a guest post up at the Tor/Forge blog that’s all about Edith, including her advice on what to wear while skeet shooting. Admit it, you’ve always wanted to know.

Care to try before you buy? Edith would certainly recommend it. You can sample Chapter One at Criminal Element and the terrific online magazine Professor Barnhardt’s Journal.

Reviews continue to come in, like this one from the New York Journal of Books. Noir meets Hercule Poirot? “Snappy action”? Fainting couches, please!

There will be more posts at other blogs in the coming weeks, as well as updates on our busy schedule at this year’s Malice Domestic and our ever-expanding book tour. (San Francisco, here we come!) We’ll keep you posted on Twitter and Facebook. Or why not sign up for the Renee Patrick newsletter below?

At some point soon we’ll start revealing tidbits about Lillian and Edith’s second adventure, which we’ve just turned in. But in the meantime, enjoy Design for Dying!

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