December 17, 2021

We’re thrilled to share the title and the cover of the fifth Lillian Frost & Edith Head mystery. Idle Gossip will be out from our friends at Severn House in the US on May 3, 2022. It will be available even earlier—February 24—in the UK. (Look for an e-book release date somewhere between the two; we’ll keep you posted.)

We’re excited about this book because it finally brings Lorna Whitcomb onto the page as a character. Lorna’s columns, packed with the latest Hollywood doings, have been part of the series from the very beginning. We felt it was high time for Lorna herself to get in on the act.

One of Lorna’s most reliable tipsters has been found dead, and the LAPD has only one suspect: Lorna’s hard-working leg man, Sam Simcoe. Lorna insists that Lillian and Edith clear Sam’s name. To do so, the ladies must investigate the trio of scandalous stories the tipster had been digging up for Lorna. Did one of the luminaries on the dead man’s list resort to murder to keep their secret quiet?

Expect the usual quota of gags, glamour, and guest stars in Idle Gossip. We had a lot of fun with this book, and we hope you will, too.

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